About Cleo4K


From a very young age I enjoyed expressing my artistic and creative talents, this eventually led me to a beauty career path which I am passionate about.

I originally entered the beauty industry with an interest in nails and skincare. Even though I still love the science behind nails and skincare, after working in the industry for a few years, I realized that making women feel beautiful was my true passion. 

I started learning the art of eyelash extensions to enhance the beauty look on my clients. Just a little accent on the eyes makes such an impact. Lashes are the frames to the window of the soul.

In 2013, I was certified by Long Mi Lashes, having successfully completed Classic Certification training course. I also obtained Volume Certification at Hoa Beauty Lashes in 2016. Through continued education and attended various workshops, I was able to enhance my skills and provide the best work practice for my clients. Education is the key ingredient to success and I will never stop learning. 

​I strive to provide an excellent professional service to all my clients. My fundamental values are: Health, Beauty, Quality, and Integrity. 

I believe strong technical skills, professionalism and having the ability to connect with people are the keys to success in this industry. When you put your mind and energy into achieving your goals the possibilities are endless. For me there is nothing more rewarding than helping and empowering others. I truly love what I do!

-Cleo R. Vorn